November 21, 2020

Bring on the passionate bonding! Romance takes center stage over the next month, as the brilliant Sun soars through Sagittarius and your eighth house of merged energies. Single? Seek out other unattached prospects for some cuffing season fun, even if it has to begin virtually. But don’t just settle for the first prospect that comes your way. During this soulful starmap, you’ll be more interested in deep connections (with long-term potential) than surface-level affairs. Already attached? Stop squabbling over inconsequential details and focus on more profound matters of the heart. What are your big-picture goals for this union? Partnerships get an extra boost of cosmic mojo this weekend, as your ruling planet, sensual Venus, dances into Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships until December 15. All your closest connections benefit from this starmap, whether they’re amorous or platonic in nature. Are you and a business buddy on the verge of a major victory? You’ll have no trouble sealing the deal!

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