WEEK OF January 18 – 2 4, 2021

Cooperative ventures take flight this Tuesday, January 19 as the Sun heads into Aquarius and joins messenger Mercury, bountiful Jupiter (your ruler) and structured Saturn in your third house of dynamic duos and communication. Your words will pack a punch for the coming four weeks, Sagittarius, so maybe it’s finally time to get serious about recording that podcast, EP or online course. Bear in mind that Mercury will be retrograde from January 30 to February 20. For best results, get plans in motion before then since backspinning Mercury can cause all kinds of technical glitches. A variety of opportunities to partner up will emerge over the next four weeks, so don’t write them off before you explore the synergy. On top of being creatively stimulating, some might have the potential to be highly profitable!

Something not sitting right with you, Archer? You know better than to take things at face value—especially when you get that funny feeling that someone isn’t playing with a full deck. On Wednesday, January 20, impassioned Mars teams up with disruptor Uranus in your analytical sixth house. Anything that doesn’t pass the sniff test will NEED to be examined on a deep and thorough level. “Superficial understanding” isn’t nearly enough—even if people try to convince you that you’re overthinking this.

While these two planetary powerhouses merge once every other year, they haven’t combined their superpowers in this region since 1942!  So if you have a hunch about something, follow through, even if it takes you down a long and winding rabbit hole. This mashup can also help you address a health or energy-related issue that’s had you perplexed. Again, peering far beneath the surface—exploring buried emotions and old wounds—may hold the key. It isn’t a luxury to put your mental and physical health first, and if you’ve been remiss, this Mars-Uranus meeting may just force your hand.

Helpful hints…or a hit below the belt? Think twice before you unleash your famous “tough love” this Saturday. With your ruler, no-filters Jupiter, in your communication zone crashing into a combative square with pushy Mars, your answers could feel more like assaults. It doesn’t matter if you ARE right—or if you read them like a Little Golden Book. Until people are actually ready to hear your wise words, you might as well save your breath—advice that is doubly relevant since the Sun and prudent Saturn are linking up in your outspoken third house this weekend, too. Can’t hold it in? Ask people if you can offer them some insight before you volunteer said words of wisdom. Getting their permission first should make them more receptive to your feedback.

But here’s the REAL question: Why are you so wrapped up in other people’s affairs? Perhaps you’re covertly avoiding an intimidating goal of your own. Instead of playing life coach, book a session with a certified one yourself. Or sit down with an experienced friend and map out some action steps for your dreams. With someone to hold your hand and keep you accountable, you might make huge strides towards a personal milestone—a far more rewarding way to expend your energy.

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