November 8, 2020

As gung-ho as you were about getting errands done this weekend, Saturday’s clash between the moon and chaotic Uranus could throw a curveball into your plans. Friends could ping you to help with “a quick favor” that winds up taking half the day, or you could get looped into a fiery group chat that sours your mood. Think twice about who you interact with or what you say yes to, Pisces. Prioritizing your needs isn’t selfish. Get your work done first, THEN you can be there for others without getting resentful. Take stock of your personal goals on Sunday, as a stabilizing quarter moon in your structured sixth house helps you see the big picture. Have you bitten off more than you can chew? Perhaps your health targets are simply too ambitious or you’ve set the bar too high at work. Instead of continuing to hold yourself to impossible standards, scale back a bit and set more realistic objectives for yourself. And when you hit a milestone, don’t forget to celebrate!

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