WEEK OF January 18 – 2 4, 2021

Still feeling foggy since the New Year began? The haze lifts this Tuesday, January 19, which marks the beginning of Aquarius season. As the Sun settles in for its monthlong residence in your sign, you can take a break from worrying about everyone around you and put the focus squarely on Numero Uno.

This birthday month packs a major punch, since messenger Mercury, bountiful Jupiter and structured Saturn are also co-piloting with el Sol through your sign. How would you like to invest in yourself in the year ahead? Sign up for Zoom sessions with a coach or private lessons with a master teacher. Rent a cabin in the middle of nowhere for some solo contemplation. This is your annual opportunity to reinvent or rebrand yourself in whatever ways you’ve been thinking about for the previous however-many months. You’re beholden to no one, which is exactly the way your indie-spirited sign likes it.

Is the quest for balance in your home and work life like Tantalus’s dangling carrot, Aquarius—no matter how close you get, it keeps moving further away? On Wednesday, manic Mars teams up with your ruler, side-spinning Uranus, in Taurus and your fourth house of home and family. Surrender all illusion of control to a higher authority and trust that this is the path to peace. True, the s*** may hit the proverbial fan, but at least you can release a false hope of keeping it all together.

While these two combustible planets meet up once every other year, they haven’t connected here since 1942, so if ever there was a day to try something radical, this is it! If you’re single or things are delightfully quiet on the Aquarius domestic front, use this transformative energy to make shifts in your living situation. On a whim, you might turn an unused guest room into your office or yoga space. Or you might decide it’s time to look for new digs. Normally your sign prefers to research and plan for eons, but this impulsive Mars-Uranus energy might just fire you up!

When you flip on your megawatt charm, people instantaneously warm to you. But does that mean they deserve an all-access pass to your inner circle? Not this Saturday, Aquarius! As rapid-fire Mars does battle with limitless Jupiter, remain cautious in the face of an instantaneous click. While you like to be generous, tune in: Do certain people leave you feeling obligated in some way as if you owe them? These entitled narcissists may not belong on Team Aquarius. But if they happen to be close friends or family, start dealing with them a lot more directly. If it feels like they are “invading your space,” don’t shoot daggers from your eyes. Just speak up! It’s possible that this very same audacious behavior never triggered you before. But this weekend, you need to roam freely and without obligation—and that’s fine, Aquarius. In fact, it’s advisable. Since the Sun and industrious Saturn are synced up in your sign, tackling a personal project will bring deep satisfaction. Dive in!

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