Body inclusivity is no longer an extra asset that brand’s throw on their marketing techniques. It’s a default—a prerequisite for fashion brands to expand their sizes to ensure that all women have the opportunity to feel stylish, beautiful, and at their best. A clothing store without plus-size options is reminiscent of a make-up brand without different skin tones. And even though fashion continues to exhibit signs of progression, there is obviously still so much more work to do.

However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to shopping for plus-sizes—most people are unaware of the unseen labor that goes into it. Contrary to their straight-size counterparts, those above a 12 or 14 don’t necessarily have the option of just popping into a Zara to find a last-minute outfit. There is a ton of more research, online browsing, added-on shipping prices, and annoying returns that go into shopping for plus-size options. And if you’re looking for trendy, fashion-forward brands, the task is even harder. 

On top of everything, brands will oftentimes slap the “plus-size” label on a few pieces that seem to be the crumbs of what’s usually offered. But, beyond these obstacles are clothing stores that are catering to these needs—with flying colors! To ease this particular shopping woe we’ve created a list of the best plus-size stores that offer high-quality and chic products. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. 

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