November 15, 2020

This is no ordinary weekend—not for Scorpios anyway. It’s more like your personal New Year, with 2020’s only new moon in your sign powering up your intentions for the next six months! Consider this annual event a gift from the universe—and if you take advantage of the moon’s fresh-start energy, there’s no telling what you can accomplish in the weeks and months to come. New moons bring opportunities and inspire us to take risks and plant seeds we’re willing to wait for to sprout. But if you tend to your crop, you can look forward to a bountiful harvest by the corresponding Scorpio full moon in six months. The best investment you can make is in your own personal growth because that’s what shapes the future you. On Sunday, creatrix Venus in your imaginative and intuitive twelfth house catches shade from your ruler, controlling Pluto, in your communication corner. Keep your best ideas on the downlow since people might be more interested in your intellectual property than your friendship.

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