WEEK OF February 15 – 2 1, 2021

Where is the line between “passionate” and “aggressive”? Even the most levelheaded Libra may struggle to retain composure this week as shock-jock Uranus in your intensely emotional eighth house battles with domineering Saturn in your dramatic fifth. From colleagues acting like demanding narcissists to a lover’s clueless self-absorption, people’s unsavory sides could make an unwelcome appearance near Wednesday, February 17. But should you write them off forever? Not necessarily. There are two more Saturn-Uranus squares to come in 2021, on June 14 and December 24. These rare transits are here to make you stronger by forcing you to face a conflict head-on. Even Libras with a gruff outer edge can be quick to make concessions in order to keep the peace with loved ones. But if your forgiving nature is causing people to confuse you for an amoeba, it’s time to show them that you do indeed have a backbone. On the flip side, have you been communicating with people in an officious or demanding way? If you’re getting resistance from your team, tone down the Empress Libra routine before your royal subjects turn mutinous on you.

As elusive as balance may be early in the week, you can locate your center again this Thursday, February 18. The Sun blasts into Pisces and your health-oriented sixth house until March 20, turning your focus to self-care. Kick-start the new regimen by getting organized. Make a menu of healthy meals you’ll prepare and designate slots in your calendar for daily exercise, meditation and other feel-good rituals. As a partnership-oriented Libra, you stand a better chance at success by enlisting a buddy. Write down goals, share them and hold each other accountable. Drinking at least 5 glasses of water every day will keep you hydrated and flush out your system—a good thing to do when the Sun is in water sign Pisces. Start your day with a gut-soothing glass of warm water with lemon. You’ll find your flow at work again over the coming four weeks, and there will be no shortage of creative inspiration. The only pitfall? Pisces is the sign of sacrifice, so in your efforts to be a team player, make sure you don’t turn into the office martyr! Know where your own boundaries lie so you don’t end up drowning in project overwhelm.

Friday could bring a little trouble in paradise when your ruler, decadent Venus, crashes into a tense square with her copilot Mars. This has the effect of leaving you conflicted about love and romance—never a fun time for someone who already struggles with indecision. But you could find yourself torn between the desire for spine-tingling adventure and the security of something rock solid. Decadent Venus pulsing through Aquarius and your theatrical fifth house is craving the dopamine rush of lust and desire. And over in your all-or-nothing eighth house, white-hot Mars is turning up the heat on an even more sultry agenda. Can you express your interest and desires playfully instead of forcefully? And if the object of your affections can’t deliver the goods immediately, it’s okay to be disappointed, but don’t sulk or play passive-aggressive games. Keep yourself entertained so that, when timing IS right, you’ll be able to connect feeling full, happy and in loving spirits.


The universe sends another wave of creative, amorous encouragement on Saturday, when flirty Mercury wraps up its retrograde through your romance zone that began this January 30. Drama, misunderstandings, bad timing? It added up to a three-week headache that all the ibuprofen in the world couldn’t banish. Now with the messenger planet blasting ahead, you’ll feel self-assured and ready to get back in the game. Some Libras may be eager to talk through some conflict areas while others will be willing to “let bygones be bygones” and move on. If you felt like you were stuck in a loop of missed connections, it’s safe to take a couple of right swipes again. Keep your standards high but your expectations reasonable. After all, you’re dealing with “perfectly imperfect” human beings here.

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