November 8, 2020

Your rarely seen temper could heat to a boiling point on Saturday, as the moon in your partnership house clashes with your ruler, shock-jock Uranus. If you simply want people to listen WITHOUT giving advice, clue them in before you start talking. Otherwise, you could blow up on a loved one who is only trying to help. Tensions could also arise within a romantic relationship if the two of you can’t see eye-to-eye about long term goals. Whatever the case, don’t let momentary exasperation get the best of you. Thankfully, Sunday brings more level-headed energy, as the stabilizing quarter moon in Leo illuminates your partnership zone. Smooth things over where communication has gotten a bit rocky by hosting a two-way conversation. Focus on the areas where you agree, rather than the things that divide you. If you’re in an LTR, expressing genuine appreciation goes a long way to smoothing over your bond, especially if you’ve been spotting every flaw lately.

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