Pisces Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF January

Monthly Snapshot

Get into the flow! After a hyperkinetic 2020, the new year begins at a more Piscean pace, with lots of divine downloads, creative epiphanies and nostalgic forays down winding tangents that take you…well, who cares where you end up? Certainly not you right now!

Your bohemian side leads the charge until January 19, while the Sun is in Capricorn and your carefree eleventh house of teamwork and technology. You’ll be in the mood to commune with your crew until then. But afterward, the Sun slips into Aquarius and your restful twelfth house, joining three other planets, and it’s hibernation ON.

With Jupiter and Saturn beginning their first full months of a long trek through Aquarius, your (Pisces-ruled) twelfth house is activated, making you a channel as well as an emotional sponge. You’ll need to guard your boundaries and shield your field to prevent yourself from soaking up everyone’s feelings around you (hashtag-empath, anyone?). The silver lining: If you properly protect and nurture yourself, you could settle into a poignant year where your healing and artistic powers build into a renaissance era.

You’ll have no shortage of great ideas either, since energizer Mars and mad-scientist Uranus

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