What Does Cozy Look Like in 2021? Take the Quiz.

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As creatures of comfort, we’re resurrecting’s Cozy Week. In order to armor ourselves for 2021, we’re prepping you during the hazy days between Christmas and NYE, covering all things sweatpants, bath goods, and all the feel-good content we deserve to close out the year.

This year, nothing was as cozy as snuggling up to a space heater scrolling through TikTok, dismantling systemic racism in your favorite hoodie, or wearing a fuzzy beanie while standing in line to vote early, but overall, 2020 was a time we struggled with the term ‘cozy’ altogether. Living through a year plagued with a global pandemic, social unrest, and political turmoil has been a never-ending act of self-preservation that a face mask never soothed. The act of forced relaxation has, for many, induced an anxiety attack that makes you question, How can I be cozy while the world is burning?

The worldwide pandemic unsurprisingly created a rise in anxiety and depression amongst young adults, and quarantine eerily resembled that hazy week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, where days melt into one another and your parents’ general acts of kindness suffocate you. As our stay-at-home orders lengthen, we’re prepping ourselves for 2021

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