The Undoing Season 2 News, Release Date, Cast, Spoilers

Spoilers for The Undoing finale ahead.

Look, I’m mainly concerned about the coats. Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman) owns an entire wardrobe of spectacular coats, which she’ll almost certainly need to sell to pay for therapy for her traumatized son, Henry (Noah Jupe). We learn in the sixth and final episode of HBO’s sleeper hit The Undoing that young Henry not only found his father’s murder weapon, but he also ran it through the dishwasher—twice!—to protect Jonathan (Hugh Grant) from prosecution. But Grace makes short order of any possible acquittal when she takes the stand and works some Harvard University-approved psychological magic that points to the truth: Jonathan is a sociopath, and more than capable of killing Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis). Jonny then straps Henry into the passenger seat of his Range Rover, drives off for Canada, and begs his son to remember his true “legacy.” He parks on a bridge, almost jumps, then changes his mind in time for Grace to come running—coat fluttering in the wind—to save her little boy.

So, yes: Henry will need therapy. Lots of it. Grace, too. So with all those extra medical bills, will we see the coats again in a

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